Mistakes that We All Do With Contact Lenses And Can Completely To Injury The Vision


With poor maintenance of the lens you risk the health of the eyes, and though contact lenses are relatively safe, but people who too often use,rarely adhere to the prescribed rules.

Wearing lenses longer than anticipated or if they are not clean properly, can lead to serious consequences.

Occurrence of keratitis

Insufficient thorough care of the lenses can lead to keratitis, which occurs when bacteria find their way to reach your cornea. Annual diagnose million cases of keratitis and although still easily treated should immediately seek medical help. Improper treatment can result in complete loss of vision.

How to avoid infections?

If keratitis sounds ominous, does not mean you should immediately take the lenses in the trash, because very easy can avoid eye infections. All you need to do is follow the instructions for lens:

  • Remove them before sleeping, showering or swimming.
  • Constantly change them (how often depends on the lens).
  • Wash your hands before you touch the lens.

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