Man Wins A Fight Against Two Types Of Cancer By Drinking This Miraculous Tea

After many decencies of fighting cancer, first a throat cancer and then lung cancer, a 60 year old man can finally enjoy and embrace a cancer-free life. Even though he was given very little to live, he refused to give up and started educating himself about natural folk medicines.

His wife would prepare everything that would come to them as a remedy and give her best to cure her husband. He also did everything he could to save his life; he quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and drank more tea than water. Along with the prescription meds, he used fir-tree flowers and honey made from dandelions.

His wife says the remedy isn’t a big secret and gives the recipe.

Add a handful of dandelion roots (make sure it’s a whole root and not a thorn one so it won’t lose the juice) in 4 liters of water and heat up to boiling point. Boil for one minute, remove from heat and leave the roots inside the water for 10 minutes, then strain. Add one teaspoon of honey for taste.

He advises to listen to your doctors, but never to exclude the natural remedies that Mother Nature has given us.

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