Man Who Treated Stage III COPD With Cannabis Off All Meds And Back To Work Full Time

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) describes different lung problems that aren’t cancerous, but are very debilitating. Modern medicine says that the cure for this disease is yet to be found. There are medications that should ease the symptoms, but their cost is severe side-effects.

The story of Jeff Waters, a man who suffered from stage III COPD was published in an article back in April of 2014 where it was described how cannabis oil can treat this disease. He was 34 at the time of the diagnosis and was on life support at one time because of the side-effects of the meds he was taking. He was taking 15 types of medications including COPD meds, high blood pressure meds and meds for depression, anxiety, aggression, high cholesterol, insomnia and pain. He spent 28 days in intensive care while going in and out of coma, a reaction to one of the meds he was taking.

He was aware that all of those meds will end his life rather than saving it, so he turned to seek help in cannabis oil. He managed to find FECO (full-extract cannabis oil) in his non-medical marijuana state made with full-spectrum cannabis that includes THC and uses grain alcohol as the solvent.

Soon after, he was able to walk 2-5 miles a day without needing an oxygen tank. Before that he couldn’t even climb the stairs. He started exercising and improved his diet and after some time he stopped taking the medications and didn’t need the oxygen tank. He went from 189 pounds to 142 pounds while his blood pressure returned to normal without the help of the prescribed pills.

Many of the COPD patients can’t do everyday tasks without their oxygen tank being near and the meds being in their pockets.


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