Man Sees Homeless Woman Outside His House, Decides To Build Her A Tiny Home

Elvis Summers has an effective solution to homelessness, and his initiative made a lot of homeless people happy.

Millions of people spend their days and nights in the streets. Sadly, society turns a blind eye to homelessness. These people live without a roof above their heads. They don’t even know what a decent meal looks like. A few cents won’t really change the situation. These people need food, shelter, and health care.

Elvis Summers walked past Smokie every day. The 60-year-old lived in the streets and Elvis decided to do something about it. He couldn’t stand the idea of someone sleeping “in the dirt.”

Irene “Smokie” McGee was spending her days and nights near Elvis’ home. One day, she showed up at the front door, asking for recyclables. That’s how their friendship started.

The neighbors were kind and loving, but they were all sleeping in their comfy beds at night. Smokie was all by herself in the street. Her husband had died in 2004, leaving her alone in this cruel world. The poor lady didn’t have enough money to keep her house.

“I started asking more questions about her to see what her story was,” said Summers. “I learned she didn’t have anything, not even a cardboard box. She was literally sleeping in the dirt and I just wanted to make her a place where she could feel comfortable and at least get a good night’s sleep.”

Smokie’s new home

In 2015, Elvis read about an Oakland man who makes small houses using leftover materials. It was a perfect plan! Smokie deserved a home, and Elvis was on his way to make one. He spent $500 to buy hardware and lumber.

Elvis completed the shelter in five days. Smokie had a home. Her first home in a decade.

“I had nowhere to really build it, so I just built it in the street outside of my apartment,” Elvis told Good News Network. “The local LAPD cops have been super cool, and have told me they support it—as long as we move it to a different spot every 72 hours.”

The time-lapse video has all the details of Smokie’s new home. It had sturdy wheels to ease transport and a big window. There were two locks and enough place for the poor lady.

“I feel marvelous,” Smokie said to ABC News. “You can’t even explain how I feel. I’m on my way to a different life. I want to get my own place and all of that. He’s my guardian angel. He’s one in a million.”

Passerbys were interested in renting the place. Some even asked for a price. “A mother is sleeping in the dirt, and all some people can think of is profit,” Elvis captioned his video.

The Tiny House Project

Building Smokie’s home was a nice start to a brand new initiative. There are many other videos on the YouTube channel. Elvis builds homes and advocates for the homeless in LA. Smokie was the first person to get a new home, and she was a true inspiration for Elvis.

“I’ve met so many homeless people, good people,” Elvis explained. “Since I built Smokie’s, I’ve had several people ask me to make them a tiny home and it’s turned into much more than just the one house I wanted to build.”

Smokie died in November 2016. People will always remember her as the kind lady who inspired Elvis Summers to build homes for the homeless.

Homelessness is a real problem

Sharing this story should be a reminder for everyone in this world. millions of people need our help. Millions of people need our hand to survive. Some of them are sick. Most of them are depressed. All of them are hungry. Stand up for a change and give someone a chance for a better life.

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