Man Pushing 80 Years Given Two Weeks To Live – Cured His Cancer Using Cannabis

We can clearly see that every day the number of stories related to cannabis efficiency in fighting cancer, grows. Many studies conducted in the past few decades prove that cannabis can treat as well as completely kill cancer cells. A European based pharmaceutical company, GW Pharmaceuticals, started the very first human trials that are using cannabis to treat brain cancer. Even though the results from the study won’t be available for the next two years, there are thousands of unofficial human trials conducted everyday by cancer sufferers around the world.

Stan and Barb Rutner are one of the many who fought cancer with cannabis. 20 years ago, Stan was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He treated the cancer for 6 months, but in 2011 it returned. Today, the almost 80 years old Stan is cancer free after treating the cancer with cannabis.

To hear their whole story, watch the video below:

Because there are plenty of stories that confirm that cannabis indeed helps with curing cancer, there really have to be given alternatives to cancer patients instead of just rushing them into chemo. Below is a video that gives us all something to think about.

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