Make Your Own Shampoo

Homemade shampoos are consist of completely natural ingredients so if they are well made, they are better than purchased.

Avoid chemicals and make natural shampoo for your hair care.

Here are two recipe for homemade shampoo chamomile and nettle shampoo.

  • Chamomile Shampoo

Chamomile is renowned as a healthy herb that has properties of calm and it is excellent as a fundamental ingredient of shampoo. Helps for faster hair growth.

Recipe – 4 bags of chamomile tea put in half a cup of boiling water and leave for half hour soaked. Add a bit of grated soap that will melt in water. Stir until you get a compact mixture.

  • Shampoo nettle

Nettle effect on the health of hair and is especially important in combating with dandruff and prevents hair loss.

Recipe – Nettle Leaf put into ¼ liter boiling fruit vinegar. Leave them in vinegar for 10 minutes, then drain the liquid and wait for it to cool and shampoo is ready.

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