Make Your Body Fight Against Cancer And Many Other Diseases By Drinking THIS Alkaline Beverage

Many people don’t know that the pH level plays a very important role in the body’s health. The recommended level for a body to be considered healthy is seven. Knowing the difference and he importance of the acidic and alkaline environment is crucial, but many people are unaware that many of their health problems are due to pH imbalance. pH imbalance can lead to fatigue, reflux, and even cancer and diabetes.

These health problems start when the body sends out toxins into the blood stream as a defense mechanism against high acidity. Often, the toxins surround the blood cells, depriving them of oxygen and causing them to become malignant. This damages the cells, which often leads to many serious conditions, including cancer.

But, there are ways to stop the cells’ damage that occurs due to an acidic environment (low pH levels) by turning the body alkaline (increasing the pH levels). Today we will give you a recipe for an alkaline beverage that will help you elevate you pH levels.

The beverage should be prepared the night before, because the ingredients need to sit for about 8 hours at a room temperature and when you wake up they will be set to drink. By drinking alkaline beverages the first thing in the morning will keep your body more dehydrated and it can digest better on an empty stomach.


-1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt

-1 organic lemon (cut into eighths)

-2 liters of purified water

-1 big glass jar or pitcher

Just sprinkle the Himalayan salt into the purified water and put the freshly-cut lemon slices into the jar without squeezing them. If possible, use an osmosis filter for optimal results, but if you don’t have one, then almost any at-home purification system will do. Also, remember that it is very important to use a glass pitcher since the plastic can release toxins.

Some results take a while to appear, but the first ones to show are being much more alert and less fatigued. According to others; experiences, their acid reflux was gone an experienced more stabilized blood pressure and blood sugar readings. The drink will strengthen your immune system and make you more resistant to cancer.


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