Make-up For This Summer

In hot summer days it is important to look fresh and do not spill makeup all over the face. It is not necessary to spend hours in front of the mirror and you lose patience. Here are some tips on makeup that will help you in the warm summer days.


Make-up should be bright.

In the summer we wear shirts and cotton clothes in bright color, so the make-up should  be in the same color. Bright makeup look natural so you will not stand out from the rest. It helps your skin to breathe and make you look younger.

Face and skin

Before you go out into the sun put cream with SPF that will protect your skin from the sun. Use very light powder and blush in soft pink tones.


Away from dark shades of lipstick, instead only use gloss or lipstick in light colors. Give lips a seductive and natural look.


Makeup shall be neutral. Use gold, green, orange soft shadows. If you do not want after bath to have a black stains around the eyes use waterproof mascaras. Pencil eye can be black, gray, brown or blue.

Try to minimize make-up, so you will look sexy and attractive. However, all are somehow more beautiful when are touched by the sun, right?

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