Make Natural Remedy That Will Regulate Your Blood Pressure And Improve Your General Health

There is a list of healthy foods that blueberries have no place. Scientific studies have shown that these delicious berries can help in controlling blood pressure.

Experts believe the incredible healing potential of blueberries comes from the abundance of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and act beneficial to your health.

And here’s more good news – you do not need large amounts of blueberries to use its benefits. Suffice it to a balmy drink blueberry beverage daily and will immediately notice positive changes in your health.

Although it contains blueberries, this drink contains banana, yogurt and spinach, so it is rich in potassium, probiotics and dietary nitrates.

Mix a cup of blueberries (possibly frozen) with a ripe banana, a cup low-fat yogurt, a cup of spinach and mix well in a blender. You get two cups of beverage.

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