Lunch-Time Workout For Perfect Condition On Your Muscles


If you really want your results from the gym to spill over into the boardroom, you may be better off exercising before work than after: ”You’d be activating your muscles and the systems that get your body to fight depression,” says Keith Barr, M.D., head of the UC Davis Functional Molecular Biology Lab. But if the early a.m. is out of the question, the next best thing is hitting the gym when your colleagues are ordering Chipotle. With this rigorous routine, you’ll have ample time to shower, change, and get back to your cube within an hour.


For each exercise, choose a load that allows you 10–15 reps. Set a timer for eight minutes. Alternate sets of “a” and “b” exercises, resting minimally between sets until time is up. On each set, perform two fewer reps than you’re capable of (leave a couple in the tank).

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