Lose Your Weight Without Starvation And Exercise: Lie Only 3X A Day For 5 Minutes, But In This Way!

To many people, especially the lazy ones, the word “exercise” raises the hair on their body. But, what if we tell you that there are other ways to keep yourself fit and slim? The Japanese physician Fukutsudzi has sold 6 million copies of his book where he describes various unusual methods for using weight. This is one of them:

For this “exercise”, you will only need a large towel, a string or twine to fasten your towel in a roll and a level surface and all you have to do is lie in a certain position for a few minutes regularly. After discovering the relation of the subcostal and pelvic bone, he quickly found out how you can effortlessly remove fat from your abdominal section.

  1. Roll your towel up tight and fasten it with your string/twine.
  2. Sit on your flat surface.
  3. Bring the rolled towel under your back right beneath your navel area and ease yourself to a sleeping position. Ensure that the towel’s width is bigger than your back’s.
  4. Spread your legs to a shoulder-wide position and bring your big toes together so as they can merely touch.
  5. Bring your arms on level to your ears and bring your palms to the ground so as your two pinkies (smallest fingers) meet.

As easy as it sounds, it is quite uncomfortable. But, don’t give u just yet. Repeat this procedure three times a day for 5 minutes. When you are done with one session, don’t get up immediately, but instead turn on your side then slowly sit up.

If you suffer from any spinal injury or paining, don’t do this. After every session your bones and ankles tend to be inflexible at first. So avoid sudden and hasty movements.

People who’ve practiced this stretching claim that within their first week they started seeing visible results.

Source: foodsandhealthylife.com

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