Kombucha’s Potential Side Effects

While kombucha offers great health benefits, it can also cause some side effects in groups with a weakened immune system, especially if it’s made at home since the SCOBY disk and finished products both aren’t tested for quality control, like they are when larger manufacturers produce them.

Small percentage of users have reported stomach upset, infections and allergic reactions when drinking kombucha. It can also cause problems for people with digestive problems like stomach ulcers, heartburn, or any sensitivity to very acidic foods.

In order to notice any side effects when drinking kombucha, start off by drinking small amounts, like for example 8 ounces and gradually work your way up.

Other people who should also restrict their kombucha consumption are: people with leaky gut syndrome, those with very poor immune systems and pregnant women.

People with very weak immune system, like HIV/AIDS sufferers, must be very careful when consuming this drink because the yeast can grow harmful bacteria that can cause illness. This applies especially to homemade kombucha because it is brewed in an unsanitary environment.

Since kombucha contains small amounts of both alcohol and caffeine, it should be avoided by pregnant women.

People who suffer from diabetes should be very careful when consuming this drink. Even though it contains small amount of sugar (about 2 grams per 8 ounce), they should still keep an eye on their sugar level.

Low level of caffeine is also something to be conscious of, since caffeine can sometimes aggravate IBS or anxiety disorders.

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