Kombucha Tea Detoxes The Liver And Provides Life-giving Nourishment To Cure Numerous Diseases

Kombucha is an incredible life-saving tea that you should include in your daily life as soon as possible. It is very refreshing and can treat various diseases. The tea can be purchased in health stores and you can also prepare in at home.

Here are some of the health properties this tea holds:

  • It doesn’t contain any toxins like some teas might contain and doesn’t causes side effects.
  • People who consume this tea have a better stamina and stronger immune system.
  • By consuming kombucha, you can say goodbye to cough and common cold.
  • Instead of getting your seasonal flu shot, drink kombucha regularly.
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants and organic acids that will detoxify your body.

To prepare the tea, you need the SCUBA which can be purchased at stores. This element is vital for the fermentation of the tea.

You can also prepare the SCUBA at home, but it can take up to 20 days for it to be ready. It is prepared by adding one cup of sugar and two tablespoons of loose tea (black tea or green tea) in a gallon of water and a bottle of  kombucha. Put the solution in a bug glad jar and cover it with a gauze. Secure the gauze with a rubber bend, and leave it undisturbed for 20 days.

Once the SCUBA is formed, the usual tea making procedure needs to be followed to make the tea by adding your preferred tea and 2 tablespoons of the SCUBA.

Testing the PH levels of the prepared tea can be helpful in avoiding undesirable levels of acidity owing to the presence of organic acids in kombucha.

Source: healthiestuniverse.com

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