Is This Possible ?? She Cure Cancer And Lose 12 Kilograms !!

Mia Stern is a breast cancer survivor who managed to heal herself by only consuming healthy food. She was diagnosed with the disease in the beginning of 2013 and ever since, she has made a lot of changes in her diet that even resulted in losing 12 kilograms.

“I basically consumed healthy food and juice and I couldn’t believe that I managed to heal myself. I still can`t believe that the cancer is gone and plus, that I have 12 kilos less without any exercise. I only consumed healthy food and drinks. It is also very important to me that I consumed more food than before and I was losing weight. I was feeling eternally young”, says Mia and now wants to share her diet with the rest of the world.

Her day starts with a glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon, which is great for the digestive system. She advises that it is very important to learn how to “communicate” with your body, so eat whenever you feel hungry. Also it is very important to drink at least 1.5 liters of water in order to expel the toxins out of your body. She consumes green smoothie, the ingredients are of free choice, every morning at least 4 times a week in order to make a detoxification of the organism. She also advises to add green vegetables with meals rich in protein, drink juices lemon, kale, cucumber or ginger on a daily basis to detox the body, instead of eating meat, eat lentils, beans, quinoa, buckwheat and avocado, and last but not least, she advises to eat vegetable soup every day.

Mia also says that is it important to take walks on fresh air in the nature every day and relax, and to do a peeling on your skin once a day before shower in order to get rid of the toxins which go out of the body through the skin.


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