Irresistible Red Lips – Your Fashion Trump

Red is undoubtedly a powerful color, and when it is applied to the lips it is a sign of courage, dominance, sex appeal, femininity, sophistication and glamor simultaneously.

Since the time of Cleopatra red lips are required for women who want to leave a strong impression. Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe have successfully used this fashion asset, now Hollywood is in love with red lips more than ever.

red lipstick


For many women red lips are tempting option through which they can portray a sense of style.

Red lips are best combined with minimal eye makeup

Read everything you need to know to have irresistible red lips that will highlight your style and complement your look.


Choice of shades

Thousands of women avoid red lipsticks with the excuse “The red lipstick is not for me”, but fashion experts are clear – every woman looks great with red lipstick if she choose the correct shade.

The cosmetic market offers different shades of red lipstick. On one side is good, but on the other, it increases the chances of error. As the normal red lipstick can make you look sexy, sophisticated and attractive, so wrong can make you look intrusive and even vulgar. Therefore, the first step to flawless attractive red lips is choosing the right shade.

Experts agree that the most important for red lipstick is to match the complexion of the skin and hair color, not the clothes. Here are their tips:

– Blonde with dark skin – warm light tones. The best choice is lipstick that have shades of coral, orange or copper color.

– Blonde with fair skin – lipsticks with blue shades. The best choice is Carmine having shade of pink or purple color.

– Brunettes with dark skin – dark warm shades with brown basis. The best choice is lipstick who have bronze or gold base.

– Brunettes with fair skin – lipsticks in shades of blackberry, strawberry, raspberry. Best selection etc. deep lipsticks or lipsticks with burgundy and purple hues.

– Red – haired with dark skin – lipsticks with warm shades that have brown base.

– Red – haired with fair skin – lipsticks with a darker shade like red wine. Redheads should avoid lipstick with orange tint.

However, the best method for selecting the perfect shade of red lipstick is testing. Try as much as you can shades. One shade that is right for you should not make your face to look dazed, nor to your teeth look yellow.


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