Indian Medicine 5,000 Years Old: Purify Your Body Of Toxins

The organism has only two ways to get rid of toxins, one is through the colon, and the second is through salivary glands. Before 5,000 years in ancient Indian records is discovered method of mixing herbal butter in mouth. This recipe many times proved like excellent recipe.

How to make:

To make this oil need ice pressed olive, sesame and sunflower oil and should amalgamate in the mouth for 15-20 minutes, then rinse mouth with tea or water.

How to use:

Mixing should be practiced in the morning on an empty stomach, three times a day before meals. During the mixing of the oil, from the mouth should flowing blood, which the body will get rid of toxic and poisonous substances. If you practice this, after mixing necessarily need to spit out the oil.

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