Incredible Symptom Of Cancer: This Image Can Save Your Life

While many would think that a dark spot on their nail could mean that they’ve somehow injured it and won’t pay much attention, that exact dark spot that appeared on Melanie Williams’ nail turned to be a nightmare.

To be more specific, it was a sign of skin cancer. She shared a photo of her nail on Facebook and not for people to feel sorry, but to raise awareness.

In the description of her photo, she wrote:

“Maybe I could avoid a trouble, if I immediately went to the doctor. I don’t want your pity. I want to change your mind. Please check all growths on the skin and tell the people around you to control them”. “You see it on my thumb. Do you know what it is: It is a skin cancer”. She also said that if she prolonged the visit to her doctor, she would’ve lost a lot more than her thumb.


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