Incredible Hit Diet – Lay And Lose Your Weight! (VIDEO)

It sounds incredible, but the Japanese doctor Fukucudzhi argued that lying can help with losing unwanted weight. Supposedly this doctor for 10 years served this method and helps women to lose weight in record time. In addition to being very easy this diet is completely free. All you need is a towel, which should wrap roll, rope, flat surface and 3-5 minutes of your time.

What to do in those few minutes? – Lying.


Wrap the towel roll solid and well secure it with rope cannot lose form. It is necessary to sit on the floor or another flat and hard surface. Place the towel under your back. Towels should be slightly wider than the back. Then lay down, straighten your legs, spread them to come to the width of your shoulders and your feet turn inwards, so to touch your thumbs. Place your hands over your head, turn the palms to the floor and the small fingers of both hands each pinch.

Repeat this “exercise” three times a day for 3 to 5 minutes.

An important tip is not getting up immediately after exercise. First turn to the side while lying down, and slowly straighten up into a sitting position and ultimately become.

Those who have problems with the spine should consult a doctor before you start implementing this diet (exercise).

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