Improve Your Sleep Thru Feng Fu Point

We all want to look younger, to be beautiful and healthy, have more energy and easier to fight with all the diseases that could attack our body. Many will immediately say the decision, regular and healthy food, exercises, drinking water, methods of stress relief, and good long dream and keeping relaxed and healthy lifestyle. All this is true, but you would be surprised when you heard how a simple method that helps rejuvenate the body, in fact all you need is an ice cube.




Here is a point called Feng Fu, located on the lower back of the head, or recess, which connects the head and neck. If you regularly put the ice cubes on the point Feng Fu, it will help rejuvenate your body.

mraz 1



Here’s what you need to do – lie on your stomach and put the ice cube on the point Feng Fu. You can use plaster or tie with a headscarf. Allow to stand for about 20 minutes. Do this in the morning before eating and at night before going to bed with few days break.


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These are the benefits:

Improve sleep.

It improve your mood.

Improve vitality and forcefulness.

Defend you from colds.

Helps for toothache and headache.

It can help if you suffer from pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

It may help if you have a problem with the thyroid gland.

Helps for PMS.

Improve mental health.

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