If You Have This Plant in Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders and Other Insects Again!

Even though no one likes them, insects are an inevitable part of our eco-system. They vary in size and can feed on plants, meat or carrion. Some play an important role in eliminating other species and preventing plagues.

One of their main roles is to decompose and eliminate organic matter, the other one is to pollinate plants, which is of major economic and ecological importance. No matter how important they are for our planet, we still want to do everything In order to eradicate them from our households.

Spiders are one of the most hated crawling creatures, but also the most common ones in our homes. Usually, we try to fight them with chemical repellents or with the good ol’ newspaper. While the second one isn’t dangerous at all, the first one can leave some pretty serious side-effects on our health.

Luckily, Mother Nature has it sorted out for everything. Many of us love mint, it smells refreshing and tastes good too, but not many people know that while we love mint, insects can’t stand it.

If you have spiders or cockroaches in your home, the best natural way to get rid of them is with fresh mint tea. Prepare the tea as per usual, leave it to cool down and then put it in  a spray bottle. Spray it all around your house and pay special attention to dark corners and wall crevices. Your house will smell amazing and you can say goodbye to the nasty crawlers without harming your health!

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