How You Can Use Coffee Grounds To Repel Insects, Fertilize Lawns And Do Other Household Chores

Did you know that coffee can “wake up” the grass as well? Namely, applying coffee grounds on it will stimulate healthier turf. And that’s not the only magical effect the coffee has besides the one on humans and grass.

You can use used coffee grounds to create compost. They are rich in nitrogen, the main nutrient bacteria needs to power itself and turn organic matter into compost. They also make a great addition to your compost pile, accelerate the compost process and neutralize the smell. Add 1/3 leaves, 1/3 fresh grass clippings and 1/3 coffee grounds and always add equal parts of carbon source like dry leaves or shredded paper. Mix well.

Use coffee grounds ad fertilizer. It will provide the soil with organic material, improve the drainage, water retention and aeration and will stimulate the growth of microbes in the soil. Moreover, it will also provide the soil with nutrients. Put your leftover coffee grounds into a pot or a French press, add boiling water and leave it at least 2 hours. After that, filter the coffee grounds in a container large enough to put a paintbrush in it.

Dip the paintbrush and coat a layer on your stained wooden furniture. Wait ten minutes and repeat until you get the desired shade.

And finally, use them as a natural repellent against the annoying mosquitoes! They can’t stand the strong smell of old coffee grounds. Gather your used coffee grounds, put them on a plate and cover with aluminum foil. Leave them to dry out and after that place them in the foil on a table, outside, (make sure your kids and pets to stay away) and burn them with a match. Once it bums, the smell will repel the mosquitoes.


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