How to Save Your Makeup When Temperatures Are High

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Makeup artist and founder of “Vanitymark” cosmetics, Brett Freeman, shared his tips for using waterproof makeup in the summer months when The temperature is high.

Do not use soap

It should use cleaner that does not dry the skin. Use something that cleans the skin, but it does not dry the skin.

Enhance your cream

Put a drop aloe in your makeup and in this way enhance the hydrant cream that you use for toning. The mixture that you will get,will be thinner and added a tinge of color, but will provide enough coverage. The perfect combination for the summer, right?

Leave your lipstick to rest

Carmine can very easily to spread over  when the weather is warm. You can still use your favorite lip gloss, but it will to spread over too!

To wet your brush

Apply your favorite shade with a dampy brush. With weting, shadow becomes creamy and thus will last longer than powders.

Use wipes

The sweat did not to erase, because it will only worsened the situation, while patting the makeup stays in place.

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