How To Properly Apply Perfume?

Perhaps you think that it is the simplest thing in the world. But it is not. The perfume is one of the key things that necessarily need to have on yourself wherever you go.

To leave a real impression and keep the smell in a while, you need to know how, where and how much to apply.


The most common mistakes are when sprayed all over the body, rather than just the key places and when put too much perfume the scent becomes difficult.

How to apply?

Before applying the perfume take a bath, but do not apply the various baths, gels and lotions shower to not be mixed with perfume scents.

The most important areas that need to apply perfume, are those where there is a pulse, because so with every pulse perfume permeates in the air.

These include joints under hands, neck, behind the ears, behind the knees and chest.

Do not spray on all sides at once, but 2-3 times in one place.

Avoid to rub the wrists each other because the natural oils from the skin are mixed with the fragrance of the perfume.


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