How To Make Kefir – Drink Full Of Health That Can Treat Many Serious Diseases

Kefir is a fungus that is very similar to kombucha except it is easier to preserve.

Wet kefir is a type of kefir fungus also known as Japanese crystals. It has sharp and refreshing taste and it is easily digestible, and more importantly it extremely beneficial for the overall health and can treat some sicknesses. The preparation of this sour drink is mainly a symbiosis between bacteria and fungus.

As we mentioned, regular consumption of kefir can have amazing effects on your health. It will strengthen your immune system, cleanse your body from toxins, it will maintain your blood pressure to normal limits and lower your cholesterol levels.

If you suffer from stomach diseases, this beverage will help you by restoring the flora and relieve your intestinal illnesses; it does wonders when helping the treatments of kidney, liver and bile diseases, and heals inflammations by acting as a natural antibiotic.

Other advantages of kefir are:

  •  helps in  anemia and poor circulation treatment
  •  treats respiratory diseases
  •  helps with stress, insomnia and nervous system diseases
  •  it slows down the spread of cancerous cells
  •  acts against fungi and bacteria
  •  acts against asthma and allergies

Don’t be fooled with buying the industrially manufactured kefir since it is produced from hops and other various types of bacteria that give the taste of naturally prepared kefir, but not the quality of its healing properties. Luckily, you can prepare kefir in your home.

The preparation is very simple and you will only need (for 1L jar):

  • 3-4 teaspoons of kefir
  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 20-30 grains of dried grapes (you can also use dried figs, apricots but you can never use fresh fruit)

To stabilize the pH level of this drink, add a piece of lemon together with the other ingredients. Leave the jar for 24 hours so that fermentation can take place. After 24 hours the kefir is ready for consummation. If you store the kefir into the fridge, add water, sugar and dried fruit the next day, but make sure to add distilled-chlorine free water and if you don’t add sugar the fungus will die. Also, note that you mustn’t use metallic spoon, only plastic one and don’t forget to keep the jar lid a bit loose so that the fungus can breathe.

This sour beverage can be drunk as much as you want, any time of the day.

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