How To Kill Cancer With Honey, Turmeric, Cinnamon And Ginger (And WHY It Works)

With the insane growth of the number of cancer patients in the last few decades, many people without a scientific background started to do researches on their own in order to find an alternative cure for this disease to help themselves or a loved one, because the conventional methods begin to show more failures than successes.

“The Trojan horse is designed to get the thing that kills microbes inside of the cancer cells. I’ll give you a good example: honey and curcumin, honey and ginger, honey and cinnamon. Those are three good examples. Honey is the Trojan horse. Cancer cells love sweets and so you mix up the honey with the curcumin/turmeric, or the ginger, and the honey gets the other things in there,” Webster Kehr describes the method in the follow interview for Ty Bollinger.

For the whole interview, watch the video below:

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