How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Forever

The balls that you feel under your fingers are not just cellulite. It is a mixture of cellulite, fat and waste substances. From them you can get rid of with water diet.

Water diet contain only 30 days – only fresh vegetables, fish, lean meat, eggs and yogurt. Hunger between meals will ease with apple. The diet requires completely giving up from bread, pasta and sweets (in particular the carbohydrates, sugar and oil). Daily drink two and a half liters of still water, starting from the morning when you wake up.

After 1 week

You will have a feeling of bloating, but do not worry, it’s the water. Already in three or four days inconvenience will disappear. Then you will feel that you are less hungry, and this is the merit of the water gives a feeling of satiety.

After 2 weeks

You will feel agile. The only problem is the frequent urination, but if you know that the toxins from the body are removed, it will easily submit. In addition it will improve on digestion and stool.

After 3 weeks

You will feel easier, and the scale will show at least two kilograms less. The skin gets more beautiful – the orange peel is less visible.

After 4 weeks

And further you lose weight, you may have at least 4 kg less. And for this you can be thankful to the old and praised American diet dubbed the “diet of drunkards” (but drunks who get drunk water).

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