How To Endure The High Heels


Almost there is not a woman who does not love shoes with high heels. They make you feel more beautiful and sexier. But many women have a problem – they can’t withstand on high heels for a long time without feeling pain and effort.

As a solution you are probably introduced with silicon pads. They are made of silicone gel; they should be placed in front of the shoes, to prevent the leg from slipping.

Another way is to rub your feet with dry shampoo, which also avoids sliding.


But there is a new and very cheap way. You only need a simple or medical bandage.

Put together the third and fourth finger, counting from the thumb, wrap them up with bandage and you’re ready to go out.

If you are wondering how this works and why it should be said that this trick was based on medical theory. Between these fingers hides the nerve which gives you the pain in the feet. When fingers are sticked together, the pressure of this nerve is decreased, and thus the pressure of the high heels is more easily tolerated.

However, be careful not to stick them too tightly, because it is important to keep your circulation. And another tip plus is that this is not desirable if you wear open shoes.

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