How To Dry Your Nail Polish Faster?

Neatly lacquered nails are the necessary female “fashion accessory”. But the difficult and the most annoying part of making the manicure is definitely drying the nail polish. Probably it happened to you to be nervous for waiting to dry your nails and waving your arms around to speed up drying. Even in the moments when you do not hurry to leave the house, just a little careless move can ruin your work and make your nails unattractive.


It is said: “A woman is helpless only while her nail polish dries.” To shorten the time while your nails are drying, you can use some of these tips:

Do not use old nail polish.

To shorten the drying process, select some of your newer nail polishes. The older nail polishes can condense and it is more difficult to apply them, and it is hard to dry them. It will be harder to apply a thin layer, and you will need a long time to dry. Even if you love the color of the old nail polish, skip its usage if you are hurrying and use it in another occasion when you will have more time.

Before varnishing wash your hands with warm water and soap.

Before you make a new manicure, you probably remove the nail polish that you had before. In recent polish removers there are moisturizing oils that can shorten the duration of the new manicure. You will remove all oils with warm water and soap and impurities that you have on your nails. Your nail polish will dry faster, and you will be enjoying the new manicure longer.

Apply two thin layers.

Better two thin layers rather than one thick layer. If you want to get an intense color, you can apply a single layer. But most of the nail polish look better when they are applied in two layers.


Wait until the first layer dry before proceeding with the second one.

If you rush to apply the second layer on the first layer which is not completely dried, you will extend the time required for drying.

Soak your nails in a bowl with cold water and ice.

The most effective natural method for fast drying nail polish is cold water. But it is not recommended to put your fingers under the tap, because jet can destroy your manicure. It is better to fill a small bowl with cold water (it is preferably water that is kept in the refrigerator) and you can dive your fingers in it. For maximum effect put a few ice cubes in the water, because how much the water is colder it will work better. Keep your fingers in the water at least one minute, without moving, so you will not destroy the smooth surface. You do not have ice? Once you spend 30 seconds pour the water and replace it with fresh water, because your hands will warm it. Cold water congeals the nail polish and hot water softens it. So, if you want impeccable manicure, never go to shower immediately after polishing your nails.

Use the cold air from the hair blower.

Set your blower to blow cold air and you will easily handle the drying of your nails. Also, in summer you can use air from the fan. It is the best to combine the previous advice: First soak your nails in cold water and while your nails are still wet release the blower to blow them. Do not dry your nails with hot air; this will only make the situation worse.

Buy a spray or nail polish for quickly drying.

There are various products such as sprays for fast drying nail polish that will not cost too much. If you often have trouble with drying, it is not a bad idea to invest in some of these products.

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