How To Clear Your Sinuses In 30 Seconds And Get Rid Of A Stuffy Nose Very Fast

Almost each of us know the feeling when you wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose, especially in the season of allergies. That is why we present this as an interesting trick to release channels and clear your sinuses.

First step: put your tongue on your palate and press it good, making a movement as if you want to swallow your tongue into your throat.

Step Two: Put your thumb on the point that is located right between the eyebrows.

Step Three: With your finger press the point between the eyebrows. Pressure should be pretty strong, and at the same time do the first step for 30 seconds.

The secretion in your nose should be immediately thrown out and your sinuses will get rid of the accumulated slime. This process work because during the move, the bones around the nose secondary are minimally moving and that way the nose channels are displaced released.

Of course, this is not the method by which you can stop the cause, but it can help for more than sure in a critical situations. For better effects it would be good to include spicy and hot food on you daily menu, because it contributes to the cleaning of the sinuses canals. In addition, you can put on your brow-head a bag filled with sea salt, previously heated to 40 degrees.

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