How Shannon Healed Stage 4 Breast Cancer With Alternative Therapies

Since 2006, Shannon Knight has been diagnosed with breast cancer two times. First time was stage 3, and the second was stage 4.

In the following video she talks about her fight with this disease, the first time she was diagnosed (1:07), about the treatment she was suggested by her doctor (3:08) and how the complications from the surgery actually helped her (3:20). Shannon reveals how the multiple surgeries she had inhibited the healing process (5:05), why she denied chemo and what therapies she chose instead (7:30) and what is the connection between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer (8:37). She also tells us about the unreliability of the tumor markers (11:04) and how important it is to study your medical records (11:53). Then she continues her story with her second diagnosis with cancer, now stage 4 (13:18), what damage can radiation cause (15:41), again what alternative therapies she chose to help her fight the disease (20:09) and how  long it took her to get well (24:21).

In this video she also recalls her oncologist’s response to her clean pet scan (24:45), what traumatic life event led her to be vulnerable to cancer (27:37) and how important it is to forgive (32:54).

Shannon also talks about her current project called Angels for Shannon & Diagnosed TV (34:10), how survival statistics are skewed and misleading (42:50) and finally she tells as what is the most powerful question a cancer patient can ask (44:30)

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