How I Fought Cancer Without Chemotherapy… And Won

In June 20011, the writer of “Reckless-The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women”, “Dakota Warrior-The Story of James R. Weddell“, “Con Altri Occhi” and three non-fiction books “Guerriero Dakota”,  “Wild Women”,  and “La Tribù dei Mangiatori di Sogni”, Gloria Mattioni, felt that something wasn’t right about her health. She had constant headaches, her energy was on a dramatically low level and felt tired all the time. Even though her friends and family reassured her that there’s nothing to worry about, she decided to sign up for health insurance and get some tests done. Shortly after she was notified by a nurse from the radiology department over the phone that she has a breast cancer. The nurse didn’t want to tell her in what stage was the cancer for “privacy reasons” and instead she’s made an appointment for her to see a surgeon and discuss further matter with him.

For two weeks Gloria tried to wrap her head around the news she got and finally decided that she won’t accept chemo and try to find n alternative way. “No way I’m going to die in a hospital with needles stuck in my veins, throwing up and too weak to get up and walk”. “…, I had a son who lost his young wife to brain cancer barely six months earlier, and an infant granddaughter without a mom to raise her. I was no longer free to make decisions only for myself.”

Even though she was sent an “informative” breast package cancer where it was explained why chemo and radiation are the best ways to fight the disease, Gloria still didn’t accept that idea and continued to educate herself using the web and reading plenty of books. At the appointment she had with her surgeon she was told that her cancer is stage one and was offered two alternatives: to have a mastectomy or lumpectomy – removing only the malignant nodule, instead of the whole breast. If she was to choose lumpectomy, which seemed like the better alternative, she would’ve have to go under 10 weeks of radiation and chemo, the things she wanted to avoid.

“During this time, I had also realized that my breast cancer wasn’t such a big surprise. In the previous few years, I had experienced loss elevated to the maximum power with the deaths of my still young sister and daughter in law, whom I tried to “nurse” back to health with all my strength but couldn’t. These were the first failures in the life of an over-achiever, who always obtained whatever she set her mind to. I also had to closely witness and monitor the agony of my mother on her death bed (in her own house thanks goodness, after I ‘kidnapped’ her from the Italian hospital where she had been checked in just to die). Last but not least, I had also just lost my long time dog-companion to cancer. On top of this, to cope with the stress of seeing so many of my loved ones dropping dead one after the other, I had slacked on my diet and exercise regimen.” said Gloria.

So, Gloria decided to seriously start a healthy diet and a stress management, but not the generic given diet an oncologist would recommend, and if you insist on a more strict one they would recommend the FDA approved one that includes grain and diary in a big percentage, things that should be avoided by cancer sufferers because grains contain sugar, something the cancer cells feed on, and diary cause inflammation.

Gloria had her surgery on December 2011, and after that she started detoxing her body, ate raw food, and started doing yoga and meditation at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego so that she would have strength to endure the three weeks radiation that she eventually accepted. When she told her oncologist that she firmly stands on her decision against chemo, she was offered to participate a trial where it should be determined if chemo really helps in fighting breast cancer. Gloria accepted the offer: “The frequent lab testing sounded good to keep an eye on my hormone levels since there was no way I would allow Tamoxifen, a highly controversial medication with plenty of frequent side effects, to chemically induce menopause. My genetic risk potential of recurrence was set low at 17%. I intended to keep an optimal hormone level eliminating estrogen-raising foods like dairy, coffee, gluten and red meat from my diet and use only natural supplements like Chrysine, Bioperine and cannabis oil.”

After she quit radiation, the head of the department of radiology set nurses to call Gloria for the next 2 weeks trying to get her back on the treatment by scaring her, but it didn’t worked. At the time, she also didn’t speak openly about her disease; only her closest members of the circles knew and even they weren’t suppose to speak about it in front of her, because she didn’t want cancer to affect her life. “My reason to do so is exactly to encourage others to explore any possible alternative treatment before poisoning their minds and bodies. For instance, my experience with cannabis oil proved to be extremely useful in eliminating insomnia, making me sleep like a baby and having delightful, vivid and entertaining dreams as a lovely “side effect”. It also helped me to be calmer and more relaxed. The only downside is that I do feel lightly stoned in the first hours of the morning and I have a little harder time focusing and gearing up for work.”, she explained.

While experimenting on how much oil she would need she realized that for the first couple of months “half a grain of rice” measured on a plastic toothpick with a spatula is the dosage for a woman of 130 lbs, 5.6”.  It can then be slightly increased to one whole grain of rice, which will bring monthly consumption to about 5 grams, for a cost of about $300, which might seem expensive, but not as expensive as the classical treatment. If cannabis oil is used to fight active cancer cells, this dosage should be increased to 18 or more grams a months. According to Gloria, after three months it should be clear if the oil works “And at the end of the day, a three month-vacation (or partial vacation) from usual routine to allow your mind-body connection to be reset doesn’t look like a big sacrifice.”, said Gloria.


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