Home Pedicure With Only 5 Steps

Professional pedicure in cosmetic salon is only one of the way to prepare your feet for the summer season. Another, much cheaper, but no less effective way is to make yourself a home pedicure.

Make a bath for foot
In larger plastic footbath put warm water, sea salt and favorite essential oil. Soak your feet in the mixture and relax for ten minutes. During that time the water will soften thickened skin on feet, so it will be easier to remove.

pedicure, spa & aromatherapy bowl

When your heels will soften, with grained peeling well massage the feet. Wash with warm water. In case if this is not enough, with stone for heels several times slowly roll over the thickened skin. Never use a razor blade or emery-board, because that way you can damage your skin.


Nourish your skin
Wipe your feet with a towel and then moisten them with hydrating cream for the skin to retain its moisture. The best creams are those that contain shea butter and nutritious almond oil or jojoba.


Put in order the nails
Cut nails using nail clippers. Put them in order with emery-board to get the desired shape and length. Finally clean nails with acetone.


Make nails
On the nails apply colorless protective lacquer and wait to dry. Then apply your favorite shade of nail polish in two layers. Finally, apply another layer of colorless varnish to ensure that the nails look neat and nice.

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