Hide Eye Bags with Red Lipstick (VIDEO)


Dark eye circles are problem of many girls and women. Whether it comes to gene or a consequence of lifestyle, it’s something that every woman wants to hide.

Cosmetic companies are constantly working on new proofreaders in the natural shades close to your complexion. There are so-called color correctors intended for a different tone to the bags under your eyes. For example, those with pink shades best conceal under eye bags and proofreaders in the yellow shades are good for blue and purple bags under your eyes.

But blogger Depika Mutjala deemed corrector should change with red lipstick. In one month, her video on YouTube has over three million hits. According to the tutorial, red-orange lipstick should be applied on the inside of the eye, until the outer edge and the line of the eyebrows. As said, the red color of lipstick will neutralize dark blue eye circles and will harmonize with tan.

The ladies who have lighter skin, let choose coral shades of lipstick, advises blogger. Once you apply lipstick on it, use concealer or powder in the appropriate color of your skin, and all your shortcomings will be hidden.


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