Hibernation Diet – Lose Your Weight While Sleeping

Hibernation Diet is a diet of new generation that gained popularity with interesting methods for weight loss. Certainly anyone who is struggling with excess weight, has a wish for losing weight while sleeping.

With this diet – it is possible!

If we analyzing the animals this condition is common, and the latest scientific research aspire to achieve the same into the humans. We all know that some of the animals have “winter dream” with the period of hibernation. People who have investigated the behavior of these animals have found that before the appearance of hibernation, they eat plenty of fruit, honey. So, no protein.

Thus arose the first ideas that people could weaken their sleep.

Creators of this diet are Mike and Stuart McInnes. They have wrote several books on the subject. Mike is pharmacist and Stewart is a nutritionist, together helping professional athletes in achieving top results.

From the results for realization athletes it appears that there is a connection between the liver, fructose (fruit sugar) and sports achievements. The condition of the liver actually determines the overall condition of the body.

The essence is as follows: before bedtime should drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of honey, all mixed. Honey has quite fructose. One tablespoon of honey before bedtime is sufficient to begin to “melt” fat while you sleep, while you get the muscle mass. In addition, the honey will allow a good rest.

In the morning you should feel relaxed and fresh, easier to master tasks at work. By day need to be physically active, to do exercises and simple to organize.

Other food throughout the day should be kept to what is called moderate, and no need for disposal of a group groceries from your menu. Just eat everything in small portions, moderate, and if possible, always in the same period.


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