Here is How to Identify Rice That Contains Plastic

China is the biggest rice producer in the world, producing over 200 tons of rice every year. But what most of people don’t know is that this rice is actually made of plastic, according to Korean Times.

The newspaper states that Chinese rice companies sell fake rice made out of plastic and potato starch, steamed with rice aroma, and is later mixed with organic rice.

The investigation led to uncover these allegations showed that this is all true. The rice contained as much plastic as a little plastic bag.

Here are some tests that you can do at home in order to find out whether your rice is plastic or organic.

Test 1: Water

In a glass full of water add a tablespoon of rice. If it falls to the bottom, it’s organic.

Test 2: Fire

If the rice kernels don’t burn when set on fire, they are organic.

Test 3: Mortar and pestle

When you crush the grains, the organic ones will turn into with powder, while the plastic ones will leave yellow stains.

Test 4: Mold

Cook some rice in water, put it in a plastic container and leave it under the sun for a few days. If it starts to mold, the rice is organic.

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