Hemorrhoids, Stomach, High Blood Pressure, Liver, Bile – What Can Cure Japanese apple

It is known as the “Japanese apple” and the title refers to a plant originating from Asia, predominantly grown in Japan, Burma and China. In Europe occurred around the 15th century and today is cultivated in warm regions worldwide.

Japanese apple is a deciduous tree with fruit from yellow to red, which when mature are pleasant and very sweet taste, similar to apricot. The fruits are harvested in late autumn, today there are dozens of different subspecies, which differ in shape, color, taste and size of the fruit.

The plod fruit is with low amount of calories, but largely contain carbon hydrates, which are important for digestion. From minerals contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, and is rich in vitamin C, B, A and E, as well as amino acids including lysine, tryptophan, alanine and other.

Fresh fruit, and the juice is extremely healing in indigestion as constipation, inflammatory of the intestine, and hemorrhoids, as well as in various disease of the stomach (indigestion and gastroenteritis). Japan apple is great and to relieve high blood pressure, diseases of liver and bile, strengthening the immune system and nerve diseases (has a calming effect). Dried ripe fruit consumed in powder form, helps in diseases of the bronchi, and dry cough.

But the fruit of the Japanese apple can be used in other ways than fresh or in juice form. For example, if you leave the peeled fruit in the sun and by night, receiving white color on surface, and most important – new medicinal properties. Thus prepared, can be used in the fight against various parasites in the intestines, for treatment of cough and fever, and as a means to stop the bleeding.

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