Heals The Liver, Thyroid, And Even Cancer: This Liquid Is Life-Saving, It Is For Free, But Nobody Wants To Drink It

We know that the last thing that would come to your mind is to drink your own urine. But, before you get grossed out, we have a very good reason as to why we started the article this way.

The Ayurvedic medicine had been incorporating bodily fluids to treat many diseases for thousands of years.

Utilizing your own urine internally and externally, mainly midstream of your first morning urine, can act as a stimulant and a regulator of the state of your immune system.

Now, the logical question is “How on Earth is the urine healthy”?

Well, this bodily fluid contains minerals and substances that are effective in topical application to wounds, skin diseases, fungal infection or eczema. Many don’t know that our urine is actually a sterile liquid, and gets in touch with bacteria later, when it comes out of our body.

The alternative medicine suggests various ways of utilizing the urine:

Consumption of own urine

Yes, it is hard to imagine, but drinking the morning urine on an empty stomach gives an amazing effect on the formation of the immune system.

Dermal application

We’ve all heard of peeing on a body part that has been affected by a jellyfish sting. This was not invented by someone who tried to find a way to take a leak on his enemy. Actually, thanks to the urea in the urine, the urine can cure skin diseases such as eczema or atopic dermatitis, fungal infections, etc. Just rub urine into your skin. After all, urea is the ingredient of many skin care creams and you probably did not even know.

Injecting your own urine

Talking about extremes. But, since sterility is a bit questionable once the urine comes out, this issue is solved by boiling the urine which is injected into the buttocks and is very popular way to improve the general state of the organism.

Own urine therapy is recommended for patients with the following problems:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • diseases of the liver and the kidneys
  • diabetes
  • tuberculosis
  • cancer
  • thyroid gland
  • high temperature

Before you try this therapy, you should consult a doctor.

Source: cuisineandhealth.com

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