How To Heal Varicose Veins Using Tomato – A Very Effective Way

Varicose veins can be aesthetically unpleasant. They can make you feel uncomfortable wearing skirts or shorts. Varicose veins show when your veins don’t function properly or have poor wall quality

Many medical and surgical treatments promise you to solve this problem, but they are costly and time consuming. However, there is a very effective home remedy that can heal your varicose veins.

Green Tomatoes for Varicose Veins

We know that tomatoes are very healthy. They can be consumed fresh or prepared and added to many meals. Tomatoes are 95% water, 4% carbohydrates and less than 1% each of fat and protein. 100 gram amount, raw tomatoes supply 18 calories and are a moderate source of vitamin C (17% of the Daily Value). But, not many people know that tomatoes have the ability to treat varicose veins too.

Start off by washing a few green tomatoes. Then, cut or slice them in circles. Place them on your varicose veins and secure them with bandage.

Keep them at position until you feel a stingy effect on the affected area. After that, remove them when you feel a burning sensation within the area or simply cannot stand the tingling effects on your skin.

Wash the veins with cold water.

For faster results, repeat the procedure 5 times daily.

In two weeks’ time, the capillary network and swelling will eventually disappear.

You can also use red tomatoes if you don’t have green ones. Tomatoes have the same properties as aspirin – they thicken your vein walls and improve its interacting networks.

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