Green And Leafy Vegetables Protects Memory

Just one serving of green leafy vegetables a day may protect memory and reduce the risk of dementia, reveals a new study by American scientists.

The study, which lasted five years, attending more than 950 people. They filled a questionnaire that included questions on all of their lifestyles, including dietary habits. The researchers then analyzed the memory of participants using different tests.

The results showed that participants who regularly consumed at least one serving of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, have better memory, and reduce the risk of dementia, compared with participants, which consumed dark green leafy vegetables rarely or not at all.


Scientists believe that it is worthy higher levels of vitamin K, which previous studies have already shown that it can help prevent cognitive impairment.

Scientists says that what you eat or do not eat has a big impact on your blood pressure and cardiovascular health. The more fruits and vegetables in the nutrition, the better will work the cardiovascular system, and improved performance of the cardiovascular system means better flow of nutrients to the brain.

Although, in the opinion of scientists, vitamin K, it is the most important positive effects of green leafy vegetables, while vitamin K supplements do not have equally good effect. They add that it is always better nutritional compounds to be entered through food and not through supplements, at least when it comes to compounds that are readily available.

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