Goji Berry! Tibetan Super Fruit That Treats Diabetes And Cancer! Must Read This!

Today we will introduce to you a plant from the family Solanaceae called Goji berry or also known as Wolfberry. It is a shrub plant that grows in height to three meters, flowers in summer and gives fruits in autumn. People who have experience with cultivating the plant advice you not to pick the fruits with bare hands, but rather shake the tree.

The plant has been grown by Tibetans for many years. They used it for surviving in extreme weather conditions and also to stay healthy.

The fruits are orange-red berries, long 1-2 centimeters. You can eat them raw or dried and they taste similar as raisins. Goji is very beneficial to people who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, cancer and malaria. It improves circulation, reduces dizziness and headaches, and it’s great for vision problems.

This incredible fruit was introduced to Europe during the 18th century when it was brought to England. It gained its popularity at the beginning of the 21st century when its positive effects on the overall health were confirmed by medical studies, while in 2008 Time Magazine declared the year as  Goji Berry super fruit year.

Studies have on confirmed that Goji berries contain 18 amino acids, necessary for our life and health, 21 minerals, many vitamins, amino acids and other essential compounds for the health.

By regularly consuming the fruit you will strengthen the immune system, improve your vision, circulation, relax the blood vessels and regulate your high blood pressure.

These berries also protect the liver and kidneys and have a positive influence on the complexion of the skin preventing its aging.

Furthermore, they will positively affect the urinary system and the production of sperm and can alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Goji berries also showed positive results in handling diabetes and back pain.

Thanks to the antioxidants abundance, goji berries are used to strengthen muscles and bones, improves the functioning of the heart, liver and kidneys.

Eleven scientifically backed reasons to add goji berry in your diet

  1. Anti-aging
  2. Defend your brain
  3. Increase your energy levels
  4. Revitalize your muscles
  5. Blood glucose regulation
  6. Preserve your eyesight
  7. Fortify your immune system
  8. Prevent heart disease
  9. Fortify liver
  10. Anticancer treatment
  11. Improves generally your well-being

The best way to consume them is orally as supplements in our main courses, especially from dried fruits true teas and juices.

Everything we mentioned before confirms the reasons why these berries are called “red diamonds” or “happy berries”. It is advisable to consume 10 – 30 grams per day of this Tibetan super fruit.

Source: healthyfoodsecret.com

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