Ginger Tea: Dissolves Kidneys Stones, Kills Cancer Cells And Cleanses Liver – Recipe

Ginger is a widely used root which holds powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic properties.

It is abundant in numerous nutrients, including vitamin C, magnesium, and many minerals. Thanks to its abasing abilities, it can strengthen the immune system, treat pain, help digestion, treat heart diseases, and asthma.

Ginger is also a well known natural remedy for cleansing the liver and treating infections.

Ginger tea is excellent for treating common colds and the flu, and does the job even better than prescribed medications.

Other health benefits that ginger tea provides include:

  • cleansing the liver
  • Dissolving kidney stones
  • lowering the risk of stroke
  • providing the necessary oxygen, minerals, and vitamins
  • Preventing cancer and destroys cancer cells
  • Enhancing circulation since ginger has potent warming properties

Method of preparation:

You will need:

  • ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric
  • Coconut milk
  •  A cup of water
  • Organic honey (optional)

Boil the water and then add the turmeric and ginger. Leave it to simmer for 10 minutes, and add the milk.

Strain the tea, and add honey to sweeten it. Cheers!


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