Gift For Humanity: This Is A Recipe For Cannabis Oil Which Cured Cancer For More Than 5000 People!

The biggest promoter of marijuana, the Canadian Rick Simpson has so far healed 5000 people by using cannabis oil.

Rick also states that this oil can cure diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis and atherosclerosis. Here is the recipe:

Take the dried herb and place it on a plastic container, then moist it with solvent. Rick recommends using pure oil which he himself uses it in the preparations, but since it is quite expensive, you can replace it with 99% of isopropyl alcohol bought from pharmacy. The alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll from the plant than the oil, and because of this the oil won’t remain solvent.

So, you would need about 8 liters of solvent to separate the THC from the ½ kg cannabis. Then, mash the herbs with wooden stick. Remember that the herb should be completely submerged in the solvent. While you press it, the THC will separate itself from the plant into the diluents.

Crumple the plant for about 3 minutes. After that, pour the mixture into another container without the herbs. This will extract 80% of the THC.

On the second flushing add solvent into the herbs again and crumple them for another 3 minutes to extract the remaining 20% of THC. Put both mixtures into a container and throw away the used herbs. Filter the mixture using a coffee filter into a clean container. While you heat the mixture, the solvent will start stewing.

Then cover a container where you will boil the mixture with ¾ of it. This should be done in previously ventilated room and for each step turn on your ventilator because the gases are flammable. Heat the mixture until it starts boiling. When the level of the mixture starts lowering, add the remaining mixture. After it evaporates, add few drops of water in it. If you used ½ kg of herbs in the preparation, then you should add 10 drops of water.

When there are about 25mm of the mixture left in the pan, slowly start to rotate it to stir the mixture. Rotate until you are left with clean oil. Keep in mind that the temperature shouldn’t exceed 140 degrees. After it’s done, pour the oil into a metal container. And finally, place the metal container on low heat until all the water evaporates.

The prepared oil should be put in a plastic bottle or a syringe. After it cools down, it should look like thick grease.

This oil can be done at home, but since the procedure needs great caution, it will be all explained step by step on the following video:

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