Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids, Sinus And Bronchitis Forever With This Medicine

With this balm will strengthen your nails and remove pesky hemorrhoids, will stop inflammation of the sinuses and absorb the pus and helps with bronchitis and toothache.

The cream is prepared with:

  • only one egg (boiled, because you only needed yolk)
  • 400 ml olive oil
  • 600g beeswax


In bowl on fire, put oil and over low fire melt a piece of wax.

When it boils, add the egg yolk. When it start to make foam, remove the bowl from the fire.

When it calms down, return the bowl back on the fire and stir constantly until the mixture does not get dark brown. After has cooled, strain through gauze.

Thus prepared cream is poured into a glass vessel and closes well. In the refrigerator may be stored up to 10 months.

For sinusitis – melt a little of the cream and put one drop into the nose. The mixture will effectively stop the inflammation of the sinuses and absorb the pus.

Bronchitis – consume half a teaspoon of salves three times daily before meals.

In burns, toothache or wound – apply to the painfully spot.

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