Fruit Who Deserve Oscar For Beauty

Fruit unquestionably is influential weapon for keeping up your health and are faithful allies in the struggle against age and skin imperfections because of the wealthy useful substances they contain.



Fruit beauty
Do you want flawless appearance and velvety soft skin? Give yourself a natural treatment with fruits and you will be amazed of your healthy and glowing skin with a youthful shine. Here are the fruits who will help you to increase your beauty.


Grapes are full of vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, which neutralize the negative effect of free radicals. Polyphenols from grapes keep the collagen structures which are necessary for youthful looking skin. Also, grapes contain wine acid, one of the best a-hydroxyl acids also known as fruit acid, which stimulates self-regeneration of the epidermis and removes dead cells. The wine acid from grapes makes the skin softer which gives her the necessary appealing and healthy glow. Grapes are used for washing the skin and refreshing the complexion.

Washing the skin: Squash several grapes with a fork. Put the sponge in the juice you will get and moisten it gently the face and neck. Repeat it again to make sure that you have removed all the dirt from the face. Then wash it with warm water.

Refreshing the tan skin: Blend few grapes to get a thick porridge. Put sponge in the porridge and make sure it is all wet. Then put the sponge on your face which need to be dry and clean and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.


Strawberry juice contains tannin but also a substance that affects the strength of capillaries. The delicious strawberry juice tinge the epidermis, so the skin becomes soft, smooth and vital.

Mask for irritated skin: Mix one cup of mashed strawberries, one cup of milk and two tablespoons of boiled rice. Apply the mixture to the damaged face and leave for ten minutes. Wash out with warm water.

Mask for dehydrated skin: Squash dozen strawberries and add a spoonful of cream and a yolk. Apply the mask on a clean skin and leave it for 20 minutes to affect. Remove the mask with a sponge and warm water.


The apple makes the skin softer and draws toxins from it. It is full of trace elements, protein, vitamin C and B vitamins.
Grated Apple is used for refreshing and hydration of the skin, while thin apple rings can be applied on the eye bags for their withdrawal.

Peeling for gentle exfoliation: Grate half apple, apply on the face with a circular movement and gently rub the skin. You will get deep cleaning of the pores and get rid of the dead cells.

Mask for strengthening the skin of the neck: In a blender, mix an apple with 2 teaspoons honey. Mix it until the mixture does not get a view of puree. Then, put the mixture in the fridge to refrigerate. Apply on the neck and wait for 15 minutes before washing with warm water.


Pear is full of tannin, a substance that tightens the skin. It also prevents in the accumulation of sebum, and it is recommended lax, tired and / or oily skin.

Mask for skin tightening: Squash one ripe pear. Add ten drops of lemon juice and mix it to get a thick porridge. Apply the mixture on dry and clean face and leave it on for ten minutes. Remove with warm water.

Pear tonic for closing the pores: Boil two large peeled pears in a half liter of water to make a compote. Leave the compote to refrigerate then pour the liquid in a bottle which may be closed well. The tonic is used for refreshing the face and for closing the pores after thoroughly cleaning the face.


Lemons contain vitamins, flavonoids, citrus acid and enzymes. Lemon juice is powerful for tightening and whitening, deep cleaning and energizing the skin. Essential oils extracted from lemon are very stimulating.

Pairing with lemon deep cleaning: Fill a bowl with boiling water and squeeze a juice of three lemons in it. Tilt over the bowl and cover your head with a towel, but do not approach too much to the water because the steam is hot. Steam your face ten minutes to get pores opened. This procedure will prevent in the accumulation of sebum and will prepare oily skin for cleaning or feeding with appropriate mask.

Peeling with lemon: Mix juice of two lemons with a few sugar teaspoons to get a thick paste. With the peeling you made gently massage the skin of the body and face.

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