Former Cancer Researcher Cures His Cancer With Cannabis

Few decades ago, Dennis Hill worked in the research division of one of the nation’s most prestigious cancer institutes, MD Anderson Cancer Institute as a biochemist. He would often interact with the patients, and noticed that most of them had worsened conditions due to the chemotherapy and radiation, not the disease itself. He also noticed that during the visiting hours the patients’ morale was boosted.

Like every other human, David hoped he’d never go through such thing, and if it did, he would seek alternative methods of treatment rather than toxic conventional treatments he was witnessing.

David was an occasional pot smoker in his high school years and always knew that it was safe and not at all harmful despite the propaganda of that time. This made him decide that if he would ever be diagnosed with cancer, he would first seek help in marijuana.

In 2010, David received the news he was always afraid of. He was diagnosed with aggressive Stage III Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate gland. He got the diagnosis some years after he left MD Anderson and moved to a small California town. The urologist who diagnosed him suggested chemo and radiation, but David firmly rejected.

Eventually a friend of his told him cannabis cured cancer as her nephew cured his that way and there were other anecdotal successes as well.

David was skeptical at first, so he did a research on his own on internet and discovered some testimonials as well as various studies from around the world on the effects of cannabis on cancer cells in vitro (lab petri dish) and in vivo (live animals).

Being impressed by what he discovered, he became convinced cannabis was his option after all.

A friend of his offered to make him cannabutter (cannbis infused butter) from an area grower’s “trim”, everything left over after using the buds. He utilized that for three months even though it’s not as potent as extracts from the buds. He dosed cannabis twice daily to his level of tolerance. Eventually, the level of tolerance increased, and so as his doses.

After three months, he had biopsy done which showed that the main tumor had disappeared but some metastatic lesions remained. Then he found out about hash oil. He utilized the oil for six months, but he also ran two miles daily while working two jobs.

After those 6 months, the final biopsy and PSA check confirmed he was completely cancer free. Today he’s 5 years cancer free from diagnosis that conventional oncology claims as the test of time for a valid cure, and he has turned his biochemistry background toward researching the molecular events of cannabis.

Ever since, David has written two published papers that explain how cannabis compounds work with receptors in the body for natural healing: The Human Endocannabinoid System Meats the Inflammatory Cytokine Cascade and Cancer Specific Cytotoxicity of Cannabinoids.

The second one explains how cannabis compounds of THC (the one that creates the high) and CBD (cannabidiol) work together to destroy cancer cells while nourishing healthy cells.

His experience with cannabis suggests that the ratio goes oil extract with 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, or 50/50, similar to the original Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). He also notes that CBD helps alleviate the psychoactive high while assisting THC with reversing any cancer.

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