Foods That Can Help Reduce Period Cramps

The menstrual cycle is a sequence of changes in the female body through which it prepares for pregnancy. When no conception occurs, the excess of uterine contents is expelled out as periods. This is facilitated by contractions in the uterus lining. This action of the uterus is what causes abdominal cramps. The severity of period cramps varies with individuals but can be really debilitating for some.

This pain is also accompanied by irrational irritation and bloating in a few. Menstrual periods can thus be very stressful. There are a few foods which have been indicated to relieve you of your pain and make you feel relaxed. These include:

Green leafy veggies

With heightened food aversions and cravings, following a healthy diet routine may seem difficult to many. But, a good amount of nutrients like vitamins and minerals make you feel fresher. Magnesium is particularly very helpful and is found in vegetables like kale and broccoli.

Herbs and supplements

A hot sit of chamomile tea is very comforting to the stomach. You can also add ginger to some hot water to drink. This is considered as effective as ibuprofen when consumed about 4 times a day. Be sure to note that excess of a good thing may also bring adverse effects, so do not overdo it.

Fennel, flax and papaya seeds act as nutritional supplements along with being able to taper the cramps.  

Healthy meat

Red meats like steak have been proven to have high iron contents. It is highly common for women’s bodies to receive an iron level plummet during periods due to the loss of blood. Red meat cooked in a healthy manner can replenish these levels and make the body feel better.

Some fish meats are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory. Their consumption can thus reduce period pain.

Fibrous foods

Brown rice, with its fibrous concentration, regulates bowel movement and is also rich in Vitamin B6 that is known to reduce bloating.

Fibrous foods are also effective in helping food cravings because they keep you full for a longer time.


Contrary to popular beliefs, chocolate is not bad in all forms. During the days of their period, women are faced with intense cravings for chocolates and sweets. But high sugar levels are capable of worsening the situation. Dark chocolate along with being able to fulfill your cravings also feeds in cramp-curbing magnesium to your body.

Although these foods are capable of providing a certain amount of relief, they are to be supplemented by minor changes in the everyday routine. 

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