Flower Manicure For Everyone (Gallery)



Floral print has always been present in the fashion and cosmetics industry. So it is hard to imagine a season without floral prints that adorn our clothes, so why not decorate our nails?

Floral nail art can be totally feminine and romantic, innocent, subtle, delicate and bold.

Whether you are looking for a simple color manicure or you are interested in more intricate designs, we believe that these examples will be found in the moments when you have no inspiration.

Unleash the artist hidden in you, and paint the nails in pastel or bright colors, and then add some fantastic floral patterns that will highlight your personality.

You can experiment with acrylic paints at least until perfection will make the process simpler, but keep in mind that they should never use the “naked” nails.

Simply apply the basic layer of nail polish in the color you have chosen for the background, and then start drawing flowers with acrylic paints. Need super thin brush for detail, and eventually apply colorless nail polish for a long lasting effect.

There are endless possibilities for combining colors and favorite flowers, so you can always have a unique and fresh color manicure.

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