Fitness Challenge: 1 Exercise, 10 Minutes and 27 Days


You do not need handle, or combined exercises that will get tired. It is enough to choose the right exercise that will activate and tighten the entire body.

It is not necessary spending an hours in the gym, then satisfied only 10 minutes a day to get a body from dreams.

The secret is a simple exercise that everyone is familiar and it is THE SQUATS. They tightened buttocks, thighs, calves, thighs and abdominal muscles.

If you want tighten body for less than a month, accept the challenge of taking 10-15 minutes and can only make squats by gradually increasing the number of repetitions.

Start with 10, and each day do 5 more than the previous one. Every 6th day take a break, do nothing, but the seventh day just continue where you left off on the 5th day. If you move under the right calculations you should do 30 squats fifth and seventh day, and to continue increasing plus 5.

Repeat the procedure for the next two weeks with the same increase in squats, so the last 27th day will have to do 100 squats.

It is important to perform the exercise correctly, to prevent injuries and to have better results.

A woman squating and showing her strength by holding this pose
A woman squating and showing her strength by holding this pose

Stand in the gap, look straight and straighten your back. Extend the arms at the shoulders, feet to spread also in the width of the shoulders and squat.

Attend to go down and up using the buttocks and abdominal muscles, not your knees as to avoid serious injury. In squats knees should be “thrown” through the feet.

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