Find Out Тhe Miraculous Powers Of LEMON

Drink lemonade in the morning before breakfast, and it will move your metabolism and prevent calories to “stick” to the critical areas. Not only lemon helps in the process of weakening, he is also credited in the fight against health problems. The wealth of vitamin C is not actually the only advantage of lemon. He may replace part of the fat in many foods because it gives excellent taste but also reduces the calorific value. For example, 1 serving of salad, if you double spices less oil and add a little more lemon juice, you will save even 45 calories. The lemon is very little fat – 1 tablespoon adds only 1 calorie!

Read some parts of the advantages of lemon:

  1. Losing excess weight – Lemon juice stimulates the release of excess weight and affects preventive fat that is deposited. For optimal results, drink lemonade in the morning before breakfast. This will speed up your metabolism.
  2. Cough – Lemon is the best natural remedy in case of flu and colds. It stimulates the body to remove unnecessary secretion occurs in case of cold and with his help can quickly get rid of seasonal viruses.
  3. Stain on skin – Believe it or not, lemon juice works well on dry skin and for removing stains. He also hydrates the skin and removes dead cells. Put a little lemon juice on the area where you have spots and stay in the sun a few minutes. Repeat several times throughout the day.


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