Fast Diet With Awesome Effect

Are you trying to put off some weight? This idea can create a big headache because you have no idea where to start with healthy eating.

But do not worry. In just one week you will be able to wear your favorite dresses. Wondering how? This is diet for seven days and the final results are loss of 5 to 6 kg.

This is a diet that needs to be followed.

First Day

Eat only fruits, except banana. You can eat as much as you want and combine fruit salad as much as you want.

Second Day

Eat only vegetables that can be fresh, cooked or canned. Exclusively avoid the grainy greens. The most recommended green leafy vegetables combined with a little seasoning, but without oil.

Third Day

Eat fruits and vegetables and you can prepared this soup also: chopped vegetables pour it with water and cook on high temperature about 10 minutes, then reduce the heat and simmer until vegetables are tender. Lastly add seasonings as desired.

Fourth day

Eat maximum three bananas, drink low fat milk and re-prepare soup as it prepared on the previous day.

Fifth day

Eat soup again. For a meal prepare 200g beef and 6 fresh tomatoes during the day. The meat must be roasted or boiled, without oil.

Sixth day

Again combine the soup with 400 grams of beef and vegetables as desired.

Seventh day

Living is similar to the sixth day, with meat replace it with 400 grams of rice.

This diet can repeat over several weeks for better results. Alcohol, sweetened juices and milk are prohibited, but you must drink two liters of water or unsweetened tea during the day.

A big advantage for you will be if you combine this diet with daily activities or a few minute exercise during the day.

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